688 Maple Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202


Giving the youth in our community the tools they need to succeed!


A little about the Staff of NLD

Richard Tabor;

President of NLD and Lead Mentor for NLD Boys: Rich is a state Trooper and a U.S. Army Veteran. He is from the community and wants to empower children to achieve greatness. He looks for the best in the children and helps them realize it themselves.

Brandy Rumola;

Lead Mentor for NLD Girls and Secertary: Mother of 4 and a role model to the children. Her loving and inspirational mentorship brings the best out of the girls that help them believe how bright they are.

Chontae Cook;

NLD Little Achievers  Mentor: Mother of 4 and a grandmother of 6. She loves working with kids and it is something that she has dedicated her life to. She has worked for Villani Bus Company as a bus aide, Prevention Links as a Camp Counselor, Child Care for Strengthening Families, and now a security guard for the Board of Education. Anyway she can help with children and make the community better she will help.  "I'm looking forward in helping the children rise in the future..." 

Peggy Abuhammoud;

NLD Little Achievers  Mentor: She is a mother of 5, a grandmother of 18, and a great-grandmother of 1. She has worked as a bus aide, a aide in the schooling district She has devoted her life to helping and supporting children in various fields of work.